Suddenly, they just appeared: your Instagram feed is full of beautiful and colorful smoothies, like out of nowhere, and you just don’t get why. The truth is this trend has a few good reasons to exist, and you should be sipping on them too. Keep reading to know all the benefits!

  1. Very practical

You have to admit that eating a bagel in front of your desk or on the way is just not practical. Instead, you could just have all your breakfast in a jar, put a straw on it and just drink it on the subway, or walking or, even better, while you work. It is just easier.


  1. Healthy and low in calories

If you’re on a diet, consider smoothies your perfect breakfast, since they give you all nutrients you need with half the calories! They also make you feel fuller for a longer period, so it’s a win-win.


  1. A perfect way to consume all your fruits and vegetables

Yeah, we’ve all heard the rule of eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables throughout the day. But, unlike vegetarians, does anyone even do that? With a smoothie, you can have up to 3 cups of fruits and vegetables in just one meal, which is pretty awesome and lets you indulge a bit on other meals.


  1. They have a lot of nutrients

Of course, the main reason experts recommend eating a lot of fruit and veggies daily is that they’re full of good for you nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

By just adding a banana and the juice of an orange, you have pretty much the potassium and Vitamin C you need in a day. If you want it to have more protein, you can add cereals like oats or quinoa, or just add some protein powder. They are so versatile!


  1. They’re simply delicious

It’s almost like eating dessert for breakfast. You can add cocoa powder to have a chocolate smoothie; instant coffee to have a Frappuccino; even some yogurt, cream cheese and berries for a cheesecake smoothie. You can’t say you won’t like it because you can make it just the way you like it.


  1. Pretty aesthetical, duh

You have to admit that sipping on a smoothie at your workplace would make you feel fancy, like a real millennial, and don’t even mention how many like would get you on Instagram!