To start a new business, you need to be sure that you can count on a solid starting point that allows you to make the investments you need to set up a complete business that points to success. Starting an activity means knowing that you have to face very precise costs concerning the preparation of a detailed business plan, the construction of spaces, the recruitment of staff and the other thousand items that will be necessary to write down to start to realize an idea.

The first thing to do, after having an idea of ​​business and be sure to want to develop it, is to rely on a professional who will help you in drafting a complete business plan , the first document that includes all the expenses that will need to be incurred. It is important to underline that the costs and the necessities will be substantially differentiated between north and south. For example, the cost of a shed rented in Treviso will be very different from that of a shed in Malfoy, if the activity in question presupposes the need for more or less large spaces to work.

Despite the important cost that you will have to face, the right choice for the preparation of your business plan is to rely on a financial consulting firm that will give you a complete and detailed business plan.

To start an activity it is necessary to proceed with the investment operations, that is to say those operations through which the equipment, raw materials, labor and services are purchased.

Capital must be spread over these needs and we are talking about fixed assets , investments that are destined to last over time and divided into three macro categories. In fact, we speak of:

  1. intangible assets: the use of financial resources that have a utility that lasts over time despite not being goods. We talk, for example, of the costs for setting up the business;
  2. tangible fixed assets: investments made for capital goods that have an economic usefulness over the medium to long term and which are, in particular, machinery or office supplies;
  3. financial fixed assets: long-term investments in shares.

In the program, it will also be necessary to identify the budget dedicated to expenses and purchases in which the consumption of the material is calculated and the costs that the company will have to bear. Proceeding with this calculation also means taking into account the necessary labor force that must be calculated on the basis of the hourly cost of resources compared to the number of hours envisaged and the number of personnel required. In this way, it will be possible to obtain, on the basis of the estimated annual working hours, the exact number of personnel required.

The entries with which to compile the list of costs to be incurred continue and the list is extended. It will therefore be necessary, starting from the initial budget, to start a careful allocation of expenses from the beginning.

The costs to carry out all the practices to start up an activity of this kind correspond to about 800 euros. Instead, the costs for setting up a company or a company, for which a deed of incorporation must be drawn up and requiring the presence of a notary, will start from a minimum of € 1200.

After calculating this part of the expenses, it will be necessary to divide the capital for the management costs which include the salaries of the employees, the rents of the offices, the costs of purchasing office materials and raw materials to start the business. Added to this are the costs of utilities, software and computer and machine costs, administrative and bureaucratic costs and social security costs, which for INPS correspond to a quarterly amount of 800 euros and for INAIL have a cost more content.

In addition to the cost of the lower rents to which we have already mentioned above, it must be said that there remains a certain gap between the costs to open a business in the north and those to open it to the south.

The costs we have just mentioned are also different and inferior to the South.

Outside of utilities, software and machinery, investments for administrative and bureaucratic costs, for personnel management and for the consultancy of a specialized company for the drafting of the business plan will be lower than in the South.

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